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What is Trent Von using?

This page is an experiment with the goal of answering some of your equipment questions in an helpful, easy-to-click way

(please note, I do earn a small commission for products purchased through these links)

GruveGlideDJPkg copy.png


Removes static, improves record fidelity and tracking, helps styli last longer.
When used as directed, treats up to 150 records per kit.
(note: packing peanut in box is to help test for static)


Stereo Audio Adapter 1/4” to 1/8” Headphone Jack Plug

It's the adapter every DJ needs that always goes missing. Save the headache and get some back-ups.


beyerdynamic DDT 770 Pro 80 Ohm
Over-Ear Studio Headphones

Ideal for a range of studio applications. Closed-back (the earcup housings are completely closed so incoming and outgoing noise is reduced). Prominent bass, spatial, transparent, detailed sound.

Handcrafted in Germany


Ortofon DJ S Stylus

A fine sperical stylus for great tracking ability, very low record wear.

Excellent groove handling, even with less weight applied.


Replacement Ear Pads for Technics
RP-DJ1200 Headphones

Don't throw away your headphones if your ear pads are the only problem!


Solder: 60/40 Tin Lead Rosin Core, 0.032”

This is the go-to solder for most of my work with electronics. Rosin core solder contains a mild flux and is designed to solder parts where the flux residue cannot be removed (i.e. electrical connections).


#135 Rosin Paste Soldering Flux

For those times when you need more flux than the solder contains. I like this one because of the user-friendly texture and overall performance when a piece of equipment needs a more vigorous cleaning.


Wirefy 3:1 Ratio Adhesive Lined, Marine Grade Heat Shrink Tubing

Sometimes you need a more permanent seal to a project. When heat is applied, adhesive comes out and seals the connection, creating waterproof and long-lasting insulation. This kit is a good starter variety pack (7 most common diameters ranging 3/32” to 3/4“, precut to 3.5” lengths). The 3:1 ratio recovers to 1/3 of its original diameter, which makes a tight seal and eliminates the problem of 2:1 tubing not shrinking tightly enough. Dual wall tubing means the outer wall provides abrasion resistance while the inner wall creates the seal and strain relief.

Bonus Section: Foot Care

Show me a full-time dj and I'll show you a person with tortured feet! Here are some of the products I use to keep my feet as trouble-free as possible ...


Gold Bond No Mess Talc-Free
Foot Powder Spray

I need this year-round, but especially for those hot Summer gigs. Absorbs moisture, controls odor, helps to cool skin on contact. 360° valve. 7oz fresh scent


Cozy Products Electric Foot Warmer Mat

My studio is underground and not well insulated, so my feet used to get so cold that they’d hurt when I was working on my radio mixes and live streams. But not any more, with this heated rubber pad. Suitable for hard floors such as cement, tile, and stone. However, it is not suggested to use this mat directly on carpet, hardwood, or other delicate surfaces. Because my studio is carpeted, I have my mat sitting on a thick silicone sheet for protection. Mat is waterproof, 135 watts, uniform radiant heat. 36.5” x 16” x 0.25”


Electric heated foot warmer

Chances are very high that if I’m sitting on my couch, my feet are in this cozy foot cocoon. Fast heating, 3 temperature settings, auto shut off. 22” x 20”


Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Soak

Epsoms are very soothing for post-gig aches and pains. This comes in a lot of good scents, but my favorite is citrus. Cruelty free, paraben & phthalate free, dermatologist tested.

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