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Call it what you will: house, industrial, breakbeat, new wave, dnb, acid, trance, edm, pop. As far back as I can remember, dance music (aka disco) has always been the center of my universe. My first ever vinyl record was a gift from my older brother. It was a Ronco disco record called "Hit Explosion," and from that point on, I was hooked (so we might blame him?). From Chic to Donna Summer, The Cars and Gary Numan, anything with a electronic dance beat captured my attention!


The thought of DJ'ing didn't enter my mind until the early/mid-'80s. It was then when I heard some of the best DJs of that time: Steve Ecks, Blackstone and Cameron Paul, just to name a few. I was fortunate to be in the San Francisco Bay area at that time. It was then when the magical combination of lights, sound and the DJs' non-stop mix took over my imagination.

Self-taught in the art of mixing records, I started with two belt drive turntables, a mixer and two copies of New Order's "A Perfect Kiss." Once I knew that it was possible for me to blend similar beats together, the task of mixing all the beats I could gather had begun.

In 1985, with a small collection of new wave 12" singles, I headed out to the Kazbah in Napa, CA. I mention the Kazbah because you NEVER forget your first club. This is where my DJ journey started. There would be many clubs from this point forward with many epic nights, but this was where it all started ("Trent Von 1.0," if you will). I do owe those poor bastards a debt of gratitude though, mostly because they were the ones that had to deal with all those "sneakers in the dryer" moments as I was learning my craft.... so thank you, Kazbah.

From 1985 through 1991, my confidence and catalog both grew as I performed several residencies around the north bay.


To go from known to unknown in one simple move. Having the knowledge and experience with nobody being the wiser. This is why a well-executed reboot can be one of the BEST career moves you can make. Fresh starts, clean slate, first impressions, no mistakes!


Northwest nightlife has been the center of my career for nearly 3 decades. From club to club, I always get that unmistakable feeling of anticipation before each gig. Stepping into that DJ booth is just as magical now as it ever was. To experience the excitement growing in a room throughout the night, it's a euphoria that keeps me coming back for more. Fenix Underground, Rock Lobster and DV8 were some amazing rooms of their days.

C89.5 (KNHC Seattle) is the longest running dance music station in the country. I'm proud to have been affiliated with the station since 1995, with shows including "Save the Wave," "ElectroBox," "the Drive@5" and most recently "NuSkool + Ol' School." These shows have influenced the dance music scene in the northwest as well as national dance charts. In 2007, I also became a Billboard Dance Music Panelist, representing Seattle and contributing to the national Billboard dance music charts.

As a freelance sound tech, I have built and maintained sound systems throughout the northwest. What started out as a defense against bad sound at my own gigs has turned into a passion for designing sound systems and live front of house mixing. As a live tech, I have also had the pleasure of working with touring performers in the dance community.

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